Supporting Our Family

Families come in all shapes and sizes. Married, Divorced, no kids to ten kids. We love our family and if  you have kids , you do your best to provide for them! Such as shelter, food, education, clothes, making birthdays special, coughing up dough for a field trip. Oh yeah...teaching them how to drive,  disciplining them when they get reckless with the car or are out too late with their friends! Don't forget trying to save for their higher education.The list goes on! Working full time as one parent or two parent household, this can be tough to do.  We can make it easier to save towards their college education or for other future expenses that may come along the way, such as a wedding, or perhaps a bigger and better house is needed because there is another bun in the oven.  The key is to start a plan now when there is time to build up the cash that will be needed in the future.

Accidents & Illness Happen

We don't have the ability to see what our future holds, and unfortunately Accidents and Illnesses blind side us from time to time.  Working 40+ hours per week comes to a screeching halt when these thins happen. Putting us out of work for weeks or months. The bills don't stop coming, and most of us don't have ample "PTO" at work to pay for this, we may have a disability policy that will pay out a % of our income, but if we are living paycheck to paycheck, we know that won't work. We have insurance plans available that will allow you to access funds when severe accidents and illness occur, so that the bills can continue to be paid while healing.

Planning for Retirement

It's NEVER too late to start planning for our retirement. The younger the better! It takes time to build a solid retirement plan, and you want to have the flexibility of picking and choosing which plans are best for you. Everyone is unique, so current income, debt obligations and risk tolerance is going to need to be reviewed and a customized plan put in place. Sometimes it's hard to envision how we want our retirement to play out when it is  20+ years away, but we now is the time to think about what you will want to be able to do when retired and how much monthly income is it going to take to achieve this goal.