Start Young

Did you know that the younger you are the less expensive it is to purchase life insurance? Time is not on our side as we age unfortunately.  Our chances of being diagnosed with a medical condition grows higher every day we get older. This causes the cost of life insurance to go up.  Save money by starting young!

Build Up Cash

Guess what! Several life insurance policies enable you to earn and build up cash value.  Let your life insurance policy work for you over time. You can later borrow the funds from your policy to pay off bills, put a down payment on that townhouse  perfectly located downtown  where your favorite pubs are. Nice thing about it is you are borrowing from yourself. You can pay yourself back and re-borrow again if you have to! Maybe down the road when you are retired!

Prepare For Emergencies

We don't always think about our health or having a physical accident when we are young, but things happen! Having the appropriate health,accident, critical illness and even life insurance coverage in place is important.  Why? The benefits or "money" from the policy will help you or your beneficiary pay for expenses that arise from these unfortunate situations. Medical bills or other bills that you can no longer pay because of this unforeseen emergency.