Medical Expenses

Most of us have have had to pay medical bills such as premium payments, co-pays, prescriptions, and deductibles. These expenses can add up! Outside of regular routine healthcare expense, we sometimes have a medical emergency that can significantly throw off our budget. It can be difficult to save emergency money for these unforeseen events. We offer policies that will help pay for these medical expenses, and other bills you may fall behind on when these situations occur.

Your Retirement Checklist

What is the true retirement age? It actually depends on each person's individual needs, wants, and ability to work.  One thing is certain the bills don't pay themselves and we would all still like to have the opportunity to take a vacation or host a family gathering, perhaps help out a family member or friend when they are in need.  It's important to know what our total monthly income will be once we exit the work force.  What will your, Social Security,  Income from a 401K plan, Pension, and Investments.  We also need to think about our Final Expenses, such has final bills that need to be paid when we pass away, and how our funeral expenses will be covered. This isn't something we like think or talk about, but it's necessary, and needs to be part of our retirement budget! Implementing your retirement plan can be a headache, we are here to help!


Wouldn't it be great, if we could help our children plan for a better future, and in turn they can plan for a better future for our grandchildren. We can do this together! There is more to life and happiness than being in a good financial position. We should plan on spending time with the ones we love, and helping them to prepare to leave a legacy that is better than we may have been able to achieve during our time in this world. We can accomplish this by putting together a plan for your family. This plan would ensure that the family values and the most important financial matters to the family are addressed and managed.  Your wisdom as the Matriarch or the Patriarch,  of your family will carry on to the next generation.