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You can rest easy knowing that you are working with the best of the best. CEO Jessica Rose Lopez, with 18+ years experience, brings a blend of modern day life insurance and retirement solutions and traditional top insurance company relationships to the table. Call 1-866-398-8293 ext 402 to reach Jessica directly.

What Do We Have to Offer?

We help you plan for today and tomorrow!

  • Have you thought about saving for college, purchasing a home, retirement?
  • What happens if you become too ill to work?
  • Who will take care of your parents when they get older?
  • Who will take care of your final expenses?

We offer solutions to take care of these concerns.

Why Work With Us?

We simply have your best interest in mind! We firmly believe that better planning provides families with the ability to have a financially sound future. We can customize your plan for any of the following needs:

  • College Funding
  • Mortgage Protection
  • Income Replacement
  • Retirement Income
  • Final Expense Coverage

Let’s Make A Plan


If you have medical conditions, and are concerned about qualifying, we have solutions!

  • Guaranteed Issue No Medical Exam – We have options to guarantee your acceptance for a life insurance policy,  ages 50-85, without sending a nurse to your home and taking lab work! Life coverage made easy!
  • Great Prices – We have life insurance options with level pay premium structures up to a $100,000  in final expense benefits .
  • Living Benefits Included – Chronic and Terminal Illness  benefits, allow you to access part of your death benefit while you are still alive! Thanks to modern medicine we live longer these days!
  • Financially Strong Insurance Companies- We have relationships with insurance companies that have been in business for over 100 years and have reliably paid out claims to their policy holder’s and beneficiaries.
  • Tax Free Benefits – Clients know up front how much their loved-ones are really getting because  the death benefit is not subject to federal income tax.
  • Premiums will never go up – Level- pay premiums that are guaranteed never to increase for the life of the policy .

Let’s Prepare Today!

Feel free to give us a call for a free 1-866-398-8293

Let’s Make A Plan